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Edible gifts: frozen pre-made cookie dough

My husband is notorious for giving gifts early.  If he goes Christmas or birthday shopping a few weeks before the eventView full post »

DIY: Homemade Brown Mustard

Confession: I don’t like mustard. Well, I didn’t think I liked mustard for years because I only tried theView full post »

Savor. Masala Tea (Chai Latte) Recipe

I spent the better part of August photographing an orphanage and traveling around Nepal.  It was an amazing experienceView full post »

Confessions Of a First Time Saucer, Part 2.

As I mentioned in my last post (Confessions of a First Time Saucer, Part 1), we’ve started making our ownView full post »

Confessions Of a First Time Saucer, Part 1.

Do you know that saying about jumping in with both feet? I did that.  Tomatoes have taken over my life this week.  AndView full post »

Back to School & Work: Dinner Ideas for the Freezer

We’ve been busy these last few weeks.  Like… REALLY busy.  It is harvest season and we’ve been busyView full post »

How to Make Freezer Corn the Easy Way!

Do you love corn on the cob as much as me?  Because I really, REALLY love it.  In fact, after eating it allView full post »

DIY – Taco Seasoning Mix

Mmm.  Tacos.  I looooove tacos, don’t you?   Over the past few years, one of my goals has been to learn howView full post »

Farmers Market Day!

Do you shop at your local farmer’s market? We are regular shoppers at ours.  I have to admit, I used to be theView full post »