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Natural, Homemade Dog Food

An easy to modify guide for making your own healthy dog food, as well as the ingredients I am using for this batch todayView full post »

DIY: Homemade Brown Mustard

Confession: I don’t like mustard. Well, I didn’t think I liked mustard for years because I only tried theView full post »

Items around the house = dog treats

We spend a lot of money on dog treats.  Gulp.   Of course, we love to buy the high quality ones like the realView full post »

Make your own: cheap, easy, healthy deodorant

Over the years, I’ve definitely used my share of beauty products.  From face wash, face moisturizer, shower gel,View full post »

Make Your Own: Easy, Delicious Coffee Creamer

Coffee drinkers, raise your hands.  This post is for you.   I love my coffee with lots of sweetened creamer.  TheView full post »