Knife review: 8″ Damascus Steel Gyutou Kitchen Knife

Cooking from scratch is pretty important in our home; I’d estimate about 6 dinners each week, along with quite a few breakfasts and lunches are made from scratch.  So we put a ton of mileage on our kitchen tools… pots, pans, mixers, food processors, knives, etc.  Because of this, we choose quality over quantity. We are picky about the “gadgets” we allow in our house, and instead choose to have high quality items that serve multiple purposes.

Last week I was asked to review this knife to see how it held up to the the heavy usage in our kitchen.  The official name is: Professional Grade 8″ Damascus Chef Knife with 67 Layer Japanese VG10 Steel Blade.  It retails for $99 on Amazon.  So here are my thoughts:

Absolutely, it’s the nicest knife we own.  It even arrives with it’s own storage box!  But we use our knives to heavily to keep them in fancy boxes. 🙂 Currently we have a mix of knives in different brands and sizes.  Most of them are the “better” quality at Target. Not the cheapest option, but not the most expensive option… I’d consider them fairly mid-range with most falling in the $12-$30 price range for a single knife.  And yes, this is definitely better than those.  It feels balanced in the hand, slices well, and cuts cleanly.  It also arrives very, very sharp.  I actually knicked my palm by grazing the tip along it as I was slicing some peppers!

The metal blade is built right into the handle and this is a sign of a better quality knife. And actually, if you research Damascus Steel, they are supposed to be some of the strongest knives out there, since they heat the steel then fold it back on itself many times, which gives the blade it’s characteristic layered appearance.

So if there is any downside to this knife, if I’m honest, it would have to be the price.  I did receive a discount on this item in exchange for my review, but I do feel that $99 is a bit steep. (Though to be fair, if you look at comparable knives on Amazon, this doesn’t seem to be that out of line for retail price.)  Perhaps I need more experience with higher end knives to know how this compares to those that are higher than $50 retail, but I do know it’s significantly better than my other knives that retail for less than $50.

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