Preschool at home – educational wooden puzzle set

Our little guy is turning two this month. While it’s early to think about homeschooling or even preschool, I’m starting to think along those lines for two reasons:

1) It’s fun. I love educational toys. 🙂

2) We need to watch what we spend, so I’ve been starting to gather items here and there for around a year.

I cut back on work quite a bit when he was born, so we make it work in a variety of ways: buying used items, buying items heavily on sale, using Ibotta for grocery shopping (I hate couponing but love Ibotta), and sometimes, I even pick things up for reviewing on Amazon or this blog.  🙂  In the next few weeks I’ll start to feature some of the items we have acquired for homeschool curriculum for preschool, mostly fun toys that teach, or open-ended things that inspire creativity or critical thinking.  As I mentioned, I occasionally find things I can review in exchange for a discount on the item.  I saw these great puzzles come up for review and quickly requested them.  We love Haba, Hape, and Melissa & Doug in our family, and I figured these would be a lower quality version of those brands.  After all, they are half the price.

But I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I realized they are nearly as nice as our Haba and Melissa & Doug brand puzzles/toys, just much cheaper!  The paint is nice, not chipped. The edges are rounded and finished well (I actually did a side-by-side comparison with a Haba base vs this puzzle base, and this one was nicer!)

So bottom line: I would actually pay full price for these, knowing that they are a quality item and still cheaper than our favorite brands!  I hope my feedback helps you out. 🙂

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