Inexpensive Child’s Magnets; a thrifty activity!

My son is 9 months old and typically keeps us company while we make our meals in the kitchen.  While we usually give him kitchen utensils or a kitchen pan to play with (along with a couple of his own toys), I have noticed he gravitates towards the fridge and our magnets, photo cards, and other things he shouldn’t have.

I began searching for child-appropriate magnets.  I struck out.  I found a few that I liked but they were for children much older than him, or they would not have held up to a teething baby.  Or the few that I liked were priced so high that I just couldn’t justify it! So… I decided to make some.  Over the last year or two, I’ve picked up a handful of lightly used wooden puzzles.  They were all fairly inexpensive, either from a rummage sale, thrift store, or given to us. In a stroke of genius (ha!), I decided to sacrifice one of these puzzles to become magnets for the baby.  This would be a great use for puzzles that have lost a piece or two; a missing piece is not noticeable when they are converted to magnets! At the store, I grabbed some stick-on magnet buttons for $2.50.  Once I got home, I grabbed the sacrificial lamb of our puzzle collection, attached the magnets, and ta-da! Jacob’s new magnets were a 3 minute project that cost $2.50.  Much better than $20 and a week to ship from an online purchase!


The result?  He loves them!  He will often play with them during meal prep time.



But apparently my camera is much more exciting than his magnets! 🙂

Do you have a favorite DIY project? Please share!

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