Baby’s First Easter Basket: Natural Gift Ideas

With Easter around the corner, I’ve been debating if we’d do a basket for Jacob who will be 10 months old.  Obviously he won’t remember if he received anything at this age, but I think I’m just looking for an excuse to give him a couple sweet little gifts.   We’ve done pretty well at limiting the number of toys he has around the house so it’s nice to get him a few more age appropriate toys.  Even if he was old enough to have sugary treats, candy wouldn’t be something we’d choose, except for maybe a single special treat.  Instead, I’d rather fill a basket with a few carefully chosen toys made of natural materials.  I’ve seen some photos of Easter baskets/gifts from a parents’ Facebook group I’m part of and there are some exceptionally generous parents out there!  We are a bit more modest and I’m totally fine with that.  Here are the gifts we’ll be putting in Jacob’s basket:

My first choice will be these Haba musical shaker eggs.  I love the company that makes them, I love that these eggs will work both for sensory play, as well as in a play kitchen, and I love that that they don’t look atrocious if left lying around our living room!   I looked into making them myself but once I bought a natural soy or milk-based paint, plus the hollow wooden eggs, I’d be spending more than if I’d just bought what I originally wanted!  So hopefully Jacob will get a few years of play out of these. They are currently around $50 on Amazon but Nicki’s Diaper‘s still has them in stock for around $30!

In February, I picked up these natural rubber bath toys by BeginAgain and saved them for this occasion. So they are definitely getting added to the basket!  He currently has a metal camping mug and a little rubber ducky for his bath, but no other toys.  I think these will make bath time much more enjoyable!

We’re throwing in a spring-themed book, too.  We have a few of these finger puppet books already (love the bumble bee one!) so we’re adding the bunny one to the line-up.

Lastly, I’m adding a few spring/summer materials such as a bucket hat and sunglasses and something edible that we wouldn’t normally buy: perhaps yogurt melts or a box of specialty organic teething crackers.

Other ideas that we aren’t doing this year but will save for future years include a child’s shovel, small growing pots and a pack of seeds, a wooden truck, alphabet magnets, art supplies such as finger paints or sidewalk chalk, and a jump rope.  If your baby is just a couple months old, I’d add a special teether like the ones in this post.  If you have any suggestions, please comment below!

OH! I forgot to mention Easter baskets themselves!  I recommend a quick visit to Goodwill. Last time I was there, I saw a handful of Easter baskets, but I actually chose something that is a little more unique.  I thought about getting a higher quality basket (non Easter-themed) but instead settled on a metal basket.  I love that it can do double duty in his room either by holding his few toys, organizing things in his closet, or could just be an easy way for him to transport treasures once he starts walking. I paid about $1.50 for this one.  Plus, it’s an eco-friendly option we can use every year that is a little better than the cheaply made baskets found in chain stores.

So there you have it! Our simple but sweet Easter Basket for baby’s first year.  🙂  What did or will you put in Baby’s First Easter Basket?

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