Our favorite Natural Baby Teethers

Happy New Year!  Time to start blogging again.  With a new baby and a busy photography business that didn’t give me maternity leave, I knew something had to slide for the second half of 2014. Unfortunately, it was this blog.  But I have a huge list of things to blog about, many of them baby related!  We’ve been cloth diapering, feeding the baby donated breastmilk (we adopted him, in case anyone is new to this blog), and trying to be generally natural in how we raise him.  We’ve also been doing a lot of cooking from scratch, as we have been for years, and I think it’s time to share some of our favorite recipes!  But to start, I wanted to share some experience with what we are in the middle of right now.


Yep. It’s been going on for a couple months.  Jacob is 6.5 months old and I think any day he is going to get some chompers.  So, after about two months of him chewing/biting/sucking on anything he can, it’s time to share his favorite teethers.  We did not want him to teethe on plastic if possible, so I think we have only one BPA free plastic teether that can go in the fridge. Surprisingly, that one is not his favorite!  These are the ones he loves:

Sophie the Giraffe (also called Sofie la girafe).  We have three of these. Two of the traditional version and one teether version. He loves the traditional one made of natural rubber because it squeaks, it’s easy to chew on the knobby giraffe head and long legs, and it’s easy to grasp by the long neck or legs.  His eyes light up and he happily reaches for this one. My aunt was playing with him the other day and said she had given Sophie as a shower gift to babies in the past after reading the rave reviews, and now she could understand why everyone loved it so much.  He also enjoys the smaller teething Sophie. This one is firmer with grippy handles to grasp. It doesn’t squeak but he likes chewing on the handles and smaller, firmer head of the giraffe.

This is traditional Sophie. Check it out HERE.

This is the teether Sophie which my husband affectionately calls “Alien Sophie”.  Check it out HERE.


The newest teether we bought is probably his favorite (tied with traditional Sophie, I think?).  It’s a natural rubber fish teether by CaaOcho.  Link is HERE.  He LOVES this thing.  It’s so easy for him to hold because it’s thin but has a hole in the center. It has different textures and the fish tail can fit in his mouth easily. The head is nice to chew on too, at any angle.  I’m so glad we bought this one; it didn’t have many reviews but it’s quickly become a loved teething toy in our home.

Our last favorite style is the Hape/Educo rattle teethers made of wood.  We have three of these – two circle ones and one rectangle.  We keep on in the diaper bag, one in his toy basket, and one is currently missing. (That’s why we have three!) These were the first ones that he really grasped easily because it was small and easy to hold. The wooden rattle is nice to chew and it made a small rattle sound when the beads clinked together.  These can be harder to find for less than $10 with shipping but this link HERE goes to one that is $7.99 with free shipping. (Not sure how many they have in stock though?)  Just to mention it, we also have a natural maple teether in a similar shape that doesn’t have rattles inside. He likes this one too and I’ve seen similar ones on Etsy and Amazon.

We do have a few more that have not been hits, at least not yet.

One that is growing in popularity as he gets older is the Skwish by Manhattan Toys.  At first he could care less, but now that he’s a little older he likes to wave it around (it’s incredibly lightweight). He also will push the shape around because it’s flexible. Lastly, he likes to chew on the round knobby ends.  It has TONS of positive reviews on Amazon and I could see this becoming more popular with him in the next few months. Link is HERE. We have the natural, uncolored one but there are more colorful versions out there.

Three more are the Manhattan Toys rattle, Green Tones elephant shaker, and the Green Sprouts cool soothing teether ring.

While I love how the first two look, they are too awkward for him to hold at this point. He’s 6.5 months and fairly large for his age.  99th percentile for height and 65th for weight. Very big hands.  So I’d guess most babies wouldn’t be able to use these easily until 7-8+ months? So I’m holding out hope that these two will get played with, but as of right now, they get no love. Lastly, we got the Green Sprouts cooling teether.  This one I debated because it’s plastic, but it’s BPA, PVC, Nitrosamine and phthalate free. I also liked that it’s filled with sterilized water rather than some toxic substance.  I really wanted to get him something that was cooled for when his gums really ache.  So far he hasn’t loved it but maybe he will once teeth start to pop through his gums.

I’ve debated getting a solid wood ring with cotton tied to it (to absorb drool), but otherwise I think we’re set for teethers.  Does your baby have a favorite teether? Do you recommend anything specific?

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