Getting Rid of Electric Appliances in the Kitchen

Yesterday, our microwave died.

Funny thing is, I’d already been debating getting rid of it and having all of that lovely extra space on our countertop.  Real estate in the kitchen is valuable!  So when it decided not to work, that made the decision easier.  And you know what?  I don’t even think I’m going to miss it!  I told Ben, my husband, that I didn’t think we should replace it.  He was 100% for this idea!  Then we realized we had several more appliances in our kitchen that were getting little or no use, so we put those in the “get rid of” box as well.

This is sooo much nicer than having a big microwave sitting in the corner!  Ahhh, extra space.


Here is what we purged:

  • Microwave. (Farewell – you’ve been a faithful friend these past 8 years.  You are pretty with your stainless steel exterior, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  So goodbye!)
  • Electric can opener.  This has sat in the cupboard for the past few years. We NEVER use it.  I don’t see the point of keeping it, even though it works, just to clutter up counter space. With that said, our manual can opener is at the end of it’s useful life and today I ordered a new manual can opener by a company I looove, Zyliss.  Me + Zyliss = love.  Can’t wait till this baby makes it’s home in our drawers! (Wow. I sound ridiculous and nerdy. But really. I’m excited about this can opener.)
  • Electric steamer.  We had this one HERE.  Honestly, it’s awesome.  We have used it quite a bit in years past for vegetables & corn on the cob.  But in the last two years, we have been gravitating more towards using our large stockpot for corn on the cob and the stainless steel steamer insert that goes with a sauce pan we already owned.  This isn’t the exact one we own since we got ours about 8 years ago, but it’s almost the same.  Steamer insert  It’s nice having that extra space back.
  • Ice cream maker – we used it maybe 1-2 times a year and at that point, I think I’d rather just buy an occasional pint of ice cream
  • Waffle maker – pancakes are fine. 🙂
  • A couple other single-use appliances.  Instead, we’re opting for tools in the kitchen that serve multiple purposes. And it feels great!

We have already switched to a (manual) French Press for our coffee. We heat the water in a tea kettle on the stove.  We have a manual sauce maker (with a salsa attachment and different screens).  A manual pasta maker. And we LOVE all of these.  But we still do have a bunch of electric appliances. You don’t realize how many you have until you list them out like this!

  • Kitchenaid Mixer with the slicer/shredder attachment (LOVE! We make all of our bread and a bunch of our pasta, plus other tasty things with this.)
  • Toaster (occasionally used)
  • Coffee grinder (daily!)
  • Blender – don’t use it often but no plans to get rid of it!
  • Juicer – same as the blender
  • Crockpot – Both a large and small version.  Though I recently saw a replacement for this that is non-electric.  VERY intrigued! Have any of your tried the “Wonderbag“? If so, I want to know what you think!
  • Electric wine opener (a gift from my brother who knows my love of wine!)
  • TWO electric knives – these are amazing when we preserve sweet corn into the freezer corn that we eat all year.  This is how we do it: TUTORIAL
  • Food processor. But ours is terrible. Do you have a good one your recommend? This one needs to go!

So what is in your kitchen?  What could you do without? What are you absolutely in love with?

February 10, 2014 - 3:15 pm

Mandie - This is too funny, I was literally just thinking this morning that I’m glad I never bought an electric can opener because I like the counter space! We still have a pretty crazy number of appliances, but I’ve gotten better at organizing them all. Here’s what we have:
– Keurig and coffee grinder (I bought Eric a french press when he was in his coffee freak phase and he didn’t love it, but I still have the thing in a cabinet)
– 7-qt food processor- LOVE THIS THING, I do recommend it- the Cuisinart one, $99 at BB&B.
– Kitchen Aid Mixer- the obligatory wedding registry item that I keep out in hopes that it will make me use it!
– Breville juicer- I recently moved this to a freestanding cabinet we have on a blank wall in our kitchen, so we have a juice station! Love it!
– Giant toaster oven- why do I need this? :/ I want to get rid of it. Your post may make that happen.
– Our microwave is mounted over the stove, so it can stay.
– Blender and a couple other things live in a lazy susan under one of our counter corners.
– Stereo. I really like having it in the kitchen and it’s not THAT ugly.

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