Cloth Diaper Series #3: A Free or Low-Cost Diaper Stash

This is the third post in the cloth diaper series that features several cloth diapering families sharing about their stash and experience using cloth diapers.

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As we prepare to adopt our first child, we’ve had such varied reactions when I tell friends and family our intent to cloth diaper. Responses range from “Oh, that’s awesome!” to “Gross, why would you want to do that?” We’ve even had some family members make bets on how long we’ll last with cloth diapers. 🙂 For us, the cost savings, health benefits for the baby, environmental impact, and cuteness factor all played into our decision to use cloth diapers. And, honestly, we’re excited to do this!

Modern cloth diapers have a long way from the days of  rubber pull-on pants! These days, options range from the most cost effective option of flats & modern covers, DIY, or even all-in-one options similar to disposables. I’ve asked some guests to share their experiences with cloth diapers. Stashes and cloth diapering experiences can vary widely so this will give you a chance to peek into several options.

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Stash #3: Meet Skylean Dawes, a cloth diapering mother of two. She’s been cloth diapering for 4 months.

Me: why did you decide to cloth diaper?

Skylean: I began using cloth diapers simply because I wanted to. I threw around the idea for about 6 months after my daughter got a bleeding rash from being in a Pampers disposable for an hour. I started doing research and came upon cloth diapers and saw how simple it could be.

Me: what cloth diaper system or styles do you use?

Skylean: At first, I use receiving blankets that I got from my baby shower. So they were 100% free! I used cloth “diaper covers” that came with some of her dresses to make sure they were held on. When I had a little bit of money to spend on them I went on eBay and got a few “pocket diapers” for less than $1.50 each, and I use those as covers, so she doesn’t feel wet when we go out. We also had some Gerber prefolds given to us that I use as well, but they are not as absorbent.

Me: how does your system work for you?

Skylean: I fold the receiving blankets to fit and put one of the diaper covers on to hold it in place. Perfect for daytime! You know right when they wet so you can change immediately. Going out and night time I put a waterproof cover on so nothing gets wet if I have to wait a few minutes to change.

Photo below: two waterproof covers, one prefold diaper, and a stack of receiving blankets.

Me: how do you store them?

Skylean: I just keep them in the top drawer of her dresser. Simple and easy!


Me: what is your washing system?

Skylean:  When washing I just wash everything like it is normal laundry. There are some crazy instructions out there. They are super dirty, so they get super clean! I dunk and swish in the toilet if there is poo. I wash with Gain Apple Mango Tango (smells awesome) and dry in the dryer. Fold and put away!  (Rebecca’s note – this works because Skylean is using cotton receiving blankets and prefold diapers.  If you have waterproof covers with PUL and elastic, you may want to do some research on washing methods to preserve the life of your diaper, like air-drying.)

Me: Lastly, can you give me an idea of cost for your stash (either total or per child)

Skylean: I probably spent a total of $10 for everything.

Me: Any last thoughts?

Skylean: Buy used! They are easy to sanitize, and you can get new quality for half price. Using cloth diapers is not anything like what it was 100 years ago. It is so simple, anybody can do it! There are so many options out there everybody can find something that works for them. It is extremely budget friendly. I never have to buy another diaper, even if I have more children!


Interested in learning more about budget friendly diapers like Skylean mentioned in this post? These tutorials show you how to make an absorbent diaper out of an old cotton t-shirt or how to fold receiving blankets to use as diapers. If you need more absorbency, use an old wash cloth, bed sheet, or kitchen towel (cotton is most absorbent).  You can often get these items from around your house or a local thrift store.  Just make sure to wash them several times using hot water without any detergent so you “strip” them of build-up and old detergent. This makes them more absorbent and safer for Baby’s bottom.


No Sew T-Shirt Diapers. 

Folding Receiving Blankets Into Diapers, video tutorial. YouTube has a bunch of great videos on this!

Yes, the simple cotton flannel receiving blankets, like I’ve shown in the photo below, can be great flat diapers!  The benefit of flats is their ease in washing, flexibility to customize the diaper fold style to fit your child correctly, and their low price (I’m willing to guess you either have some sitting around or could find them inexpensively at the local thrift store, making them free!)

Stay tuned for more in this cloth diaper series! If you have questions or thoughts about cloth diapers, please comment below or email me at Sometime in February I’ll do a Q&A post that covers the types of diapers a little more in-depth, as well as trying to answer any questions you might have. Thanks!


February 12, 2014 - 8:07 pm

Agi - This girls has the right idea! I will totally agree that she is saving money! The other posts, not so much.

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