Edible gifts: frozen pre-made cookie dough

My husband is notorious for giving gifts early.  If he goes Christmas or birthday shopping a few weeks before the event, I’m certain I’ll be receiving it the day he buys or makes it. Secretly I love this.  Especially because I get to enjoy my gifts early AND it gave me the idea for this post.  Because, let’s face it. Ben is brilliant.  One of this year’s gifts may go down in the history of my favorite gifts of my adult life.  No, it wasn’t the stack of cheesy Christmas movies (he knows how much I love them every year), though that ranks pretty high.  This favorite gift is a homemade gift.


What did he do? He knows how much I love chocolate chip cookies, but I am too lazy health conscious to whip up a new batch every night.  And I also particularly love to have only a couple cookies made at a time so that way I don’t eat an entire tray of them.  My willpower when it comes to chocolate chip cookies is completely lacking.


We both love homemade gifts, and this year Ben decided to make chocolate chip cookie dough and freeze it in little individual balls of dough.  This way I can pull two or three dough balls (or four, who am I kidding?) out of the freezer, and enjoy just a some cookies fresh from the oven.  GENIUS.  Pure genius. So this is what he did.


First, he whipped up a double batch of Martha Stuart’s chocolate chip cookie recipe which you can find HERE.  For the record, those cookies are absolutely delicious.  Another favorite recipe of mine is my friend Kendra’s from Stop Lookin’ Get Cooking.  She made these for my photography gallery’s grand opening and they were a hit!  Recipe is HERE.  Kendra has a bunch of fantastic recipes, including holiday ones on her site, so make sure to check it out.

Next, Ben portioned out individual cookie sizes of dough and froze them flat on a cookie sheet.  Once they were frozen, he put them in a plastic freezer container and separated the layers with wax paper so they wouldn’t stick to eat other. When it’s time to bake them, I let them sit on a cookie sheet for about 10 minutes while the oven preheats to 350.  Then I bake them for roughly 12-ish minutes, or until they are golden brown and the edges are slightly crispy.  I’d show you a photo of how great they look after baking, but I may have just eaten my daily cookie allotment so all that is left is a plate with crumbs.  Oops.

Plus, as an added bonus, this is a huge cost saver over buying pre-made dough from the grocery store, AND you know exactly what ingredients are used.  I appreciate knowing there are no mystery ingredients in my food.

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