Getting ready for the holidays

I loooove Christmas.  And while I enjoy Thanksgiving, I really struggle with the fact that, to me, it seems more like a Christmas holiday kick-off than it’s own separate holiday.  🙂  This year we are hosting our very first Thanksgiving dinner for my family… about 17+ of us will gather under our roof.  Yikes.  In addition to the logistical issues of things like “Where will everyone sleep?” and “Can I actually make a fancy dinner for this many people without disappointing everyone?”, I’m struggling with even bigger issues like “How much will they tease me if I have Christmas decorations up?”  Ha!  Once I figure out the menu a bit more, I’ll probably share a few favorite recipes or other Thanksgiving goodness.  But in the meantime, I’m skipping ahead a holiday: Christmas.


So this year we are making the majority of our gifts.  That means that I’m not going to be sharing many of those items here on Simply Driftless unless I’m fairly sure the recipient won’t see it or once they receive it.  However, I did want to share one of the companies that we purchased from last year.  With all the little kids that we like to buy gifts for (nephews, godchildren, friend’s children), our goals were to keep our gifts local, educational, and natural if at all possible.  With those goals in mind, I was thrilled to find Little Sapling Toys, a natural/wooden toy maker based in Wisconsin.  Last year we purchased several sets of Skittles, which very similar to bowling.  Here is a screen shot of their website… it makes me wish I had little ones of my own to buy some of these amazing toys!



Did all my photographer friends notice the little wooden camera?  Adorable.  Those wooden cars are pretty awesome, too.  And the bowling sets.  (Oh wait, I bought THREE sets of those last year!)

Are you on Pinterest?  If you are, I started a pin board just for things I want to make.  In fact, some of my Christmas present ideas are even on there.  Feel free to check it out by click HERE: 


What are some of your holiday plans?  Do you have a favorite local/natural source for your gifts?  Are you a DIY-er?

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